Unifire Univent tactical ventilation, rescue and forced entry chainsaws

We are a small company based in the UK importing Unifire Univent Chainsaws and we are able to supply Fire and Rescue Services with specialist equipment for tactical ventilation cutting operations and also USAR rescue based cutting operations.

Means of entry/forced entry chainsaws for police, prison, security services, and military
Sharpening service for our specialist unifire univent carbide chainsaws

Carbide Chains can deal with steel clad sandwich panels and wall/roofing panels

TVS Ltd are sole Unifire Univent chainsaw importers for the UK and Europe, These are designed tactical ventilation chainsaws for fire and rescue services from Unifire USA

Also suitable for forced entry applications
Carbonaceous Fire Training Props

TVS Ltd can design, manufacture and supply bespoke carbonaceous fire training props including corner cribs and concealed fires ducting fires and sandwich panels, ideal for realistic TIC training.

We can also supply CFBT Containers, contact us for details

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