About Tactical Ventilation Solutions Ltd. 

Company Profile.

We are a  small company based in the Norwich in the UK, we are able to supply Fire and Rescue Services and other emergency services with specialist equipment for tactical ventilation cutting operations and also USAR rescue based cutting operations. I have 30 years experience in the UK Fire and Rescue Service.

We can design, manufacture and supply fire steel training props for;

  • Corner cribs

  • Concealed fires

  • Ducting fires

  • Insulated sandwich panels (LISP)

  • Contact us for details of CFBT containers


(Patents pending)

We are sole UK Importers for the Unifire Univent specialist ventilation range of chainsaws  designed for Fire and Rescue Services, Police, Military for heavy duty tasks.


These chainsaws can be utilised to cut through a variety of building materials including steel composite insulated roofing sheets and sandwich panels.

We also innovate, design and manufacture equipment of our own. We have a new product being developed during  specifically for tactical ventilation operations, updates will be posted on this website as this progresses.

Our company aims are;

To provide a straight forward, approachable, upfront and reliable service for all our customers.

To both supply and manufacture equipment that is tough, reliable and does the job it was designed for.

To provide all our customers with an excellent back up service and ongoing support.

To explore, innovate, design and manufacture new equipment to help in improving firefighter safety and the effectiveness of certain aspects of tactical ventilation operations.
Linking any innovation and progress in this area into the potential reduction of fire damage risk, costs and disruption for owners, occupiers, and insurance companies alike.

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